Monday, August 27, 2012

Flames of War: Open Fire!

Open Fire Preview – from Battlefront / Flames of War website

Over eighteen months ago we decided that we wanted the third edition to be a new milestone for the game, not just a more graphical and polished set of rules. We wanted to create the ultimate starter set for Flames Of War. With this lofty goal in mind, and the new technology of plastics to learn, we started down the path to Open Fire!

We ended up using three differing methods of plastic manufacturing (zinc casting, pantography and digital design) to produce the two complete forces in the box. These two forces give you a British armoured squadron with support from some fearless US paratroopers to deal with the German grenadier company defending their V1 launcher (yes that is in the box as well) with the aid of a StuG platoon and some anti-tank guns. As well as the plastics, the box comes with a quick-start booklet, terrain, tokens, dice and a complete 296 page copy of the rules for you to dive into after you have played a few games.

Open Fire! has been designed with the new gamer in mind, but every model in the box fits into our existing range, although the infantry set a new standard that you will see more of in the future. We could not be happier with how our first boxed version of Flames Of War has come out and we know this will make it even harder for players to resist having a go at WWII war gaming. Here are the first images of some of the components with more to follow in the next few weeks.

~ John-Paul.

The Box Contains:

∙ A 52 Page Full Colour Quick Start Guide. ∙ A 296 Page Full Colour Complete Rulebook. ∙ More Than 118 Finely Detailed Miniatures. ∙ V1 Flying Bomb Terrain Feature. ∙ Cardboard Terrain. ∙ Tokens. ∙ Objective Markers. ∙ Army Lists. ∙ 20 Dice.

In stores from 20 October 2012.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dark Vengeance

Photos courtesy of Svanhvit of Reddit:

Photo of the Dark Vengeance box set, with the Limited Edition Dark Angel Interrogator Chaplain pictured at the top of the right hand page:

Photo of Chaos Lord (Top left) Helbrute (Top right) and Chosen (The rest):

Photo of Chaos Cultists:

Photo of Dark Angels: Company Master (Top left) Librarian (Top) Limited Edition Interrogator Chaplain (Top left) and Tactical squad (The rest):

Photo of Dark Angels: Deathwing Terminators (Top) and Ravenwing Bikes (The rest):


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Battletech / mechwarrior things for Sale

I've decided to shift my Battletech / Mechwarrior goodies. I haven't even looked at these since about 1998, so just taking space now.

The list of goodies I want to sell:

Books (shows part code in brackets):
Intelligence Operations Handbook (1673)
Bloodright Mechwarrior (1666)
Battle for Twycross (1653)
More tale from Blackwidow (1657)
Mechwarrior 2nd Ed Roleplaying (1641)
Hotspots (1679)
Objective Raids (1665)
Mercenary?s Handbook (1670)
Jade Falcon Sourcebook (1644)
Camo Specs (1632)
Technical Readout 3025 (8603)
Vehicles and Personal Equipment 3025 (8606) Technical Readout 3055 (8619)

Card mechs, Battletech rule book + stuff, including maps and reference sheets

File with 86 datasheets (multiple copies) in plastic sleeves

12 figures for roleplaying game

Non-mech bases:
6 troop bases
1 Hunter hovercraft
6 Shadowmaster hovercraft
1 Assault truck
3 Medium hovercraft
2 Packrat trucks
2 Landing craft hovercraft
3 Large hovercraft
3 Large trucks
(sorry, forgot to take a photo of these)

1 Archer
2 Blackjack
1 Charger
1 Crusader
2 Hunchbacks
2 Locust
1 Ostsol
1 Panther
1 Phoenix Hawk
1 Rifleman
1 Shadowhawk
1 Stalker
2 Stinger
2 Trebuchet
2 Valkyrie
2 Wasp

I'd like R2000 R1300 for the lot.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New 6th Ed 40K Starter Set details

So the word has been out for some time that the new Warhammer 40K starter box, replacing Assault on Black Reach, will (or is that should) contain Dark Angels and Chaos Marines… but is that really true… and if it is, what will you get?

Well, you might feel better to know there are still some insiders in the Stalinist like regime that is GW who want the fans to be excited and those plucky rebels have braved the wrath of the mighty Empire to bring you some solid information on the contents of the new box… information that bodes very well for those interested, not only in starting 40K, but those with existing collections too!
So here we go… and remember… many Bothan spies lost their lives bringing you this information!

Chaos Cultists are in!

That’s right all you Chaos players… I refused point blank to believe that GW would ever release Chaos Cultist, but they have. The Dark Vengeance boxed set (did I not mention the name previously?) will have 2 units of 10 Chaos Cultist models, one armed with auto-guns (with a shotgun & CC weapon for the leader and a Heavy Stubber support trooper) and one with auto-pistol & CC weapon (with 2 CC weapons for the leader and a Flamer support model).
The Chaos Cultist look like everything you’ve ever wanted for Chaos. They’re bound in rags, with metal half-masks and weapons that suit the cobbled-together, improvised look that you expect from the dregs of Chaos.

But that’s not all for those naughty Chaos worshippers; they’re getting a unit of 6 Chosen…elite Chaos Space Marines, armed with a variety of Power Weapons (a Maul on the Sergeant, a Power Fist, a Chain Axe and a set of Lightning Claws by the look of things). The remaining Chosen are armed with Boltguns, but this bodes well for the potential that these exemplars of Chaos might get some more customisable options in the upcoming new Chaos Marines codex.
To lead your forces, you have the obligatory Chaos Lord, armed with a Power Sword & Plasma Pistol. His pose is a bit static, but that is only in comparison to the much more animated Chosen.
Lastly… what would Chaos be without something big and menacing to bring to the table? Well… how about a brand new model… the Hellbrute!

The massive Hellbrute model comes equipped with a Multi-Melta & Power Fist. Suggesting that this isn’t a Dreadnought replacement, but is in fact a huge suit of specialist armour crewed by a Chaos Marine (or more likely a Champion). Actually, the model resembles a huge suit of Terminator Armour with lots of cool Chaos gribbly bits… I’m hoping for a Monstrous Creature that acts like the Dreadknight… what about all you Chaos fans? What would you like it to be?

But what about the Dark Angels?

They haven’t been left wanting and with a new codex (no doubt in their future) there is quite a bit to have a look at.

Firstly, they wouldn’t be Space Marines without the obligatory 10 man Tactical Squad. However, the Dark Angel Tactical-Squad has a twist… it’s got Plasma!
The ordinary Space Marine grunts come sporting a Boltgun, but the squad also has a Plasma Gunner and a Heavy Plasma Cannon model giving support… and just to round out the theme… a Plasma Pistol/Chainsword Sergeant.
Looks like that squad will be getting hot!

The Tactical Squad also has a mixture of poses, this time around. Some of the Bolter-totting Marines are holding their ubiquitous weapon at jaunty angles to make the squad look a bit more animated… and it works too… good job GW!

The Marine side wouldn’t be Space Marines without a smattering of Terminators… so you get a squad of 5 of them. It’s a pretty standard squad, with Stormbolter/Power Fist, with a Power Sword Sergeant. However, you do get an Assault Cannon and Chainfist option… and true to previous form… the models now come in a variety of more dynamic poses with the squad sergeant even sporting Wings but thankfully no nipple armour!

The last squad in the box is a unit of 3 Space Marine (or Ravenwing) Bikers, with Sergeant and one Biker sporting Bolt Pistol/Chainsword and the third Biker packing a Plasma Gun. The models look similar to previous Ravenwing Bikers (with that big wing banner on the back) and are probably the least inspiring out of the box.

But let’s not end on a low… let’s talk about the Dark Angel Triple Whammy… 3 Heroes!
The box will contain a Dark Angels Company Master (Balthasar)… resplendent with his erect Power Sword!

A Dark Angels Librarian… with a slightly less impressive looking Force Sword… and a limited edition Interrogator Chaplain, who’s Power Armour (including smoking exhaust details) and embellished robe might be the most ostentatious model in the box!

That’s all the models in the box… but what about the Rulebook?
I know many of you have been planning to buy the box (price TBC) in order to get your hands on the smaller rulebook. So rest easy… there will be one in the box.
There will also be templates and a new How to Play Dark Vengeance booklet, that allows you to jump right into the action.

All of this comes from Beasts of War. Here:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

War Room BRIEF review

So I downloaded and installed the new Privateer Press app called War Room.
So far, some good and bad about it.

Firstly: I'm a bit limited with access to certain features on WIFI here at work. Will try again once at home with full access. For example, the create account bit didn't work.

So, on to the review.

Once you're actually in the App, things are pretty logical.

  Once clicked OK, could select on Armies button.

In this case, I chose Menoth. I forgot to get a screen shot of the selection area, where you can choose your faction / force.

Once you are in the area, you get a full list of all things Menoth. Here, I selected him to add to my force, by selecting the + icon next to his name.

This is what you get if you DON'T own that card. I haven't purchased any faction decks yet. DOH. I can't even get an account working.

What you see if you select Theme from that Warcaster.

A nice easy to view interface, pretty logical to use.

Still to be validated, but from what I've read is you have to be connected to their server to arrange your factions / decks etc. The concern I have with that is what if I'm not connected at a tournament? (Only have WIFI enabled IPAD).

More to follow as I play.