Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warmachine: Retribution army list

So my "chesse" army list for Retribution of Scyrah is below.
It was the first time I've EVER ordered just the figures for an army list. I normally go mental, order a bucket load of stuff that looks cool / might someday make it into the list, and use a small percentage of it.

So, here goes:
Kaelyssa -7

Hydra 9
Chimera 6
Gorgon 5
Phoenix 10

Mage Hunter Strike force 5
Mage Hunter commander 2
Mage Hunter Strike force 5
Mage Hunter commander FREE

Arcanist 1
Eiryss Mage hunter of Ios 3
Ghost Sniper 2
Mage Hunter Assasin 2
Narn Mage hunter of Ios 3
Nayl - Mage hunter souless solo 2

Total is 50 points, all painted. :)

It's a Tier 4 list, meaning all sorts of fun bonus things happen.

I did cave and have also got a unit of Battle Mages for fun. 5 extra points.

Warmachine: Retribution painting DONE!!!!

SO I recently went to Johannesburg for a training course. Over the course of the boring evenings in JHB, I managed to clear some of the back log with my Retribution units / solo's.
In 4 nights, I painted (they were base coated already):
2 x units of Mage Hunter Strike Force
2 x Mage Hunter commander's
2 x Ghost Snipers
1 x Narn
1 x Nayl
1 x Eiryss

Pics to follow on soon....

Comission painting continued

So, following on from my post about comission painting http://www.realms.co.za/2012/01/commission-painting.html I've been sent some progress photo's.

Taken with a cell phone, so not the greatest quality, but you get the idea:

Can't wait. Apocalypse game scheduled for 11th March.

tick tock, tick tock. (My word, time is passing slowly).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Warmachine Colossals

So Privateer Press continues to push things. They've announced Colossals as coming out in July 2012.

Colossal video

Some other news:

Text from here:

Lost Hemisphere wrote:

Warjacks on Huge bases. Rules are just like jacks– in battlegroup, uses focus, makes power attacks, and so on.
Giant open fists, shoulder-/back-mounted guns
Only Khador and Cygnar models shown, but art for everything
Examples by faction:
Khador (“Conquest”)
Cygnar (“Stormwall”)
Cryx (“Kraken” – tentacles instead of legs)
Menoth (“Judicator” – rockets and flamethrowers)
Retribution (“Hyperion”)
Merc (“Galleon” – right arm is a giant trident)
Two new power attacks
Left and right damage grid
Superstructure system
Models are resin/metal hybrids
Coming July 2012 (presumably with the next book)

Khador colossal model is on-hand and apparently eliciting oohs and ahhs
Will Schick confirms that the models are metal/resin hybrids
All Wrath models will be out before the next book hits (so we can expect the second plastic jack kits to hit in May/June), but some Domination models will take a bit longer
A question is raised about the points of a Colossal. The answer is, “You could play mangled metal with these.” They’re about 18-20pts.
All colossals are FA: 2
Hordes will have a Colossal equivalent
Colossals have two new power attacks and modify old ones:
Slam that doesn’t require movement
They get extra distance on throws
Colossals can’t trample mediums
All Colossals have reach built-in
Systems are split across the left and right grids, but it’s all one system; you need to disable a system on both sides to take it out.
No colossal arc nodes