Monday, July 28, 2014

Malifaux: Yan Lo crew

So for my Birthday in July I got some Malifaux goodies, amongst other things.
I'd head a lot about Yan Lo's beard. Wow. People weren't joking. Here it is against a MATCHHEAD!!!!
And here they are all painted up. Used cell phone camera so excuse the photos, please. J
Yan Lo:
Chiaki the Niece
Ashigaru (undead / raised)
Soul Porter – Yan Lo's totem
Toshiro the Damiyo
And finally, Izamu the Armour

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ADSL referal links

Makes it easier than generating referal emails:

Capped ADSL:

Uncapped ADSL:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


So we've recently started looking at Malifaux. I managed go get some figures second hand - Lady Justice crew - in metal. These are them painted up.

I only realised afterwards that I forgot to do the eyes on the Death Marshall's. I shall remedy that.....

I also made some scheme markers from old Tomb Kings (GW Fantasy) extra bits.

Space Wolves

My entire Space Wolves Great Company.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Balsa model plane

Now for something completely different.

When I was a kid, I used to build Balsa Wood and Plastic model planes.
I had most of Battle of Britian planes hanging from the ceiling in my

My wife knew about this, and just before Christmas last, we were at a
hobby shop that had these model kits for sale. Now, bear in mind, I
haven't built one of these for 26 or more years. So this was truely an
emotional blast from the past - my Dad and I used to build these
together. Never flew them, always static models.
The Kit in question:

Plans laid out on Foamboard, covered with Wax Paper to protect it:

Parts of the kit:

Starting fuselage:

Fuselage done:

Notice how straight it is:

Rubber done:\

Tail plane done:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 - a new fresh start

So here we are. 15 days into 2014.
So what does 2014 hold in store? Well, one of the things I'm doing is a self imposed / "management assisted" idea of actually trying to buy very little in the Hobby area this year, and focus more on the actual painting / playing of Wargames. More thinking, less impulse buying.
I've got a stupid amount of "plastic crack" waiting to be assembled / shown the light of day etc.
So far, I've started off with a bang doing the Year Of Painting (YOP).
Towards the end of 2013, I was introduced to playing SAGA. Great rule set. As part of Christmas presents from the kids, I got the new 6 point SAGA Scots army. An acquaintance of mine was selling off his rule book and Scots dice, which I bought in November, so that definitely influenced the choice of starter army. :)
I've also got a box of Warlord's Viking Hirdmen, so plan on making a Viking SAGA army sometime this year as well.
The Scots are all done and painted - I even strung the bows, thanks for holiday break. I'm post photos of the SAGA Scots when I get time to take some nice ones.
Next on the assembly / production line is my Bolt Action Airborne force. After a frenzy of new / second hand purchases (see my Birthday present post from 2013), I've got 120 figures to paint. 17 are done so far......