Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A new project.....

Now, to my mind, if you're a middle-aged Wargamer, who plays multiple systems, at some point in your life, you want to get / aquire / buy / hold-onto-with-both-hands a Warhammer 40K Titan.
Getting a Forgeworld Titan is a VAST financial outlay. My wife and I's 8th wedding anniversary is coming up soon, so combined with months of saving and her loving grace, I got a Titan. Yip, a genuine, real (as in not scratchbuilt) honest to goodness Warhound Titan. The link to what a completed and assembled one looks like: Forgeworld Titans

What REALLY amazed me (apart from the obvious fact it's a Titan), was the speed at which it arrived. I ordered it on a Saturday night (they said would only process it on Monday as they don't work weekends).
Monday - I get an e-mail saying it's being processed.
Tuesday - money is reserved on Credit Card
Wednesday - money comes off Credit Card
Thursday - comes and goes.
Friday - I get a call from UPS saying they've got a delivery for me. Turns out this is the titan. According to the Manifest, it left Nottingham on Thursday. Yip, 24 hours for a parcel from dispatch in Nottingham to Cape Town South Africa. Now THAT's quick.

So, my project for 2010 is going to be making a Titan. Don't expect any updates around it until Jan 2010, as too many other things on the go at the moment.

THE box:

The box opened up:

Fancy certificate that comes with it (defnitely 1 for the wall in the Wargames room):

Top half of all the components:

Bottom half of all the components:

Size comparison between Land Raid Crusader and the Turbo laser:

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