Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Witch Hunters thoughts

Sisters of Battle / Witch hunters
(SOB / WH)

The Witch Hunters codex can be seen as one of the most loved and most hated army choices around. Allow me to unpack that a bit. From a modelling perspective, all the figures are metal. From a play style perspective, they are a bit weaker than most of the current army books, suffering from codex creep. But, they're not as weak as the fellow Inquisition codex - Daemonhunters.

I personally am a bit of a "tread head". I love tanks. The more the merrier. Saying as such, I tend to build my lists (I'm the first to admin they don't always win) from tanks / transports and take it from there. I also tend to favour playing a single force. i.e. I don't really enjoy taking allies. I will if I want to, but first choice is to not.

My current favourite build for SOB is to put the following down:
Heavy slot:
3 x Excorcists as my Heavy Choice. That is potentially 18 shots with 48" range Strength 8, AP1 per turn. Make sure to move 6" backwards and forwards each turn. I think of it as a Exorcist shuffle.

Really want to annoy people? Try this:
HQ choice is Canonness with Inferno pistol, power weapon, Cloak of St Aspira, Book of St Lucius and Frag Grenades.

For fast choice, 3 units of Dominions in Immloators.
all 3 units are the same, apart from one has 5 Sisters vs 6, as the Canonness will join. Units are:
6 Dominions, 4 are armed with Meltaguns. Veteran Superior. In an Immolator with Extra Armour, Twin-linked heavy flamers, and Smoke Launchers.

That's 3 units, with 12 Melta shots per turn out of them, and 6 flame templates per turn.

Ok, here's where I fall down a bit. I pad the rest with 3 units of 10 Sisters, 2 units have Imagifiers, Veteran Superior and Book of St Lucius. RUn like heck to get into cover.

I have to buy more Rhinos first, and can then play around with other options.

What I'm trying to say, is that the SOB is a very competative force, in the right situation. It looks very good on paper, but in order to win, it's not a starter army. You need to play it carefully, and use terrain cover to your best advantage. I normally play with the 3 Immolators close together, and the Sisters on foot running behind them.


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