Saturday, February 4, 2012

Warmachine Colossals

So Privateer Press continues to push things. They've announced Colossals as coming out in July 2012.

Colossal video

Some other news:

Text from here:

Lost Hemisphere wrote:

Warjacks on Huge bases. Rules are just like jacks– in battlegroup, uses focus, makes power attacks, and so on.
Giant open fists, shoulder-/back-mounted guns
Only Khador and Cygnar models shown, but art for everything
Examples by faction:
Khador (“Conquest”)
Cygnar (“Stormwall”)
Cryx (“Kraken” – tentacles instead of legs)
Menoth (“Judicator” – rockets and flamethrowers)
Retribution (“Hyperion”)
Merc (“Galleon” – right arm is a giant trident)
Two new power attacks
Left and right damage grid
Superstructure system
Models are resin/metal hybrids
Coming July 2012 (presumably with the next book)

Khador colossal model is on-hand and apparently eliciting oohs and ahhs
Will Schick confirms that the models are metal/resin hybrids
All Wrath models will be out before the next book hits (so we can expect the second plastic jack kits to hit in May/June), but some Domination models will take a bit longer
A question is raised about the points of a Colossal. The answer is, “You could play mangled metal with these.” They’re about 18-20pts.
All colossals are FA: 2
Hordes will have a Colossal equivalent
Colossals have two new power attacks and modify old ones:
Slam that doesn’t require movement
They get extra distance on throws
Colossals can’t trample mediums
All Colossals have reach built-in
Systems are split across the left and right grids, but it’s all one system; you need to disable a system on both sides to take it out.
No colossal arc nodes

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