Monday, March 12, 2012

Apocalypse game - 11 March 2012

So a very enjoyable Apocalypse game was played in Tokai on the 11th March. Scenarios was mostly used from of the Forgeworld books. It’s a central area defended with a force. The attacking forces come from either end, and have approximately double the defenders total. In our case, as defenders, we have 8000 points.


Defenders Deployed


Tiny Tim the Titan


First half of the opposition


Second half of the opposition


Table 1:


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Red things Deep striking


New Target acquired


Prepare to fire!!!!


Whole table


Elevate the turret!!!!



Notice the Vortex grenade cause mayhem (middle of pic, on left side)



On an interesting note, the Leman Russ and Basilisks fired (in the last round) 26 die rolls at the Titan. Not a single 6. I might say something about Karma slapping opponent around, but hey, use it, don’t use it.


Awesome game, awesome company, day playing Wargames. Nice.

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