Friday, May 4, 2012

40K flyers

40K flyers - coming soon?

So Beasts of War had a vid cast last night about the new 40K flyers that are supposed to be coming out in June 2012. Hmmmm......

Space Marine Stormtalon… the Necron Doom & Night Scythes… plus the new Ork Biltza-Bommer, Dakkajet and Burna-Bommer!

Ork fighter/bomber: not one but 3 vehicles, maybe 2 kits.

Dakkajet: BS2, AV10, fast skimmer, supersonic, aerial assault, strafing run. (BS3 Vs all except jump and skimmers) Fighter ace upgrade gives BS3 against everything. During Waaaghh may get to fire twice? 3x TL A2 dakkaguns.

Burna-bomma: BS2, AV10, same rules as jet, burna bomb - essentially scorcha dropped during movement that ignores cover. Also has grot gunner. Pic of blitza-bommer version

Space Marine Stormtalon gunship - 130 pts!

Not a troop carrier, BS4, AV11, fast skimmer, supersonic, aerial assault, TLAC/TLHB as standard, TLHBs swapout for lascannons/typhoons. Skyhammer missile launchers, S7, AP4, H3 60". Ceramite plating, deep strike. Special rule - escort craft - attach to deep striking/reserve unit and will turn up 6" away. Hover-strike - can turn into a skimmer for a turn, can't move but gets +1 BS. Pic:

And lastly, the Necron one (no details known so far).

My Orks are jumping up and down in happyness at all the thoughts of teeff.

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