Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lizardmen for sale

In the end, decided not to sell. Too close to my heart to let go. :)
(You know how it is).

Looking to sell my Lizardmen army.

The Lizardmen list is:
Lord Kroak
20 Saurus Warriors with handweapon + shield
20 Saurus Warrios with Spear + shield
8 Cold one riders
3 Kroxigors - unpainted
9 Chameleon Skinks - 2 painted
12 Skinks with spear + shield
12 Skinks with blowpipes
1 Saurus Oldblood on Cold One
20 Temple Guard - unpainted
2 Stegadons - unpainted
Kroq-Qar (on Dino)
2 Skink priests - unpainted
Saurus Old Blood – unpainted
Bits box

R2000 for the lot.

Not shown in the photo, but in the list above, are the Temple Guard, most of the Chamelon Skinks, Skink Priests, Saurus Old Blood and the box of bits (I only found them after I had taken the photos, and was too lazy to run in the rain to get the camera again). J

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