Monday, February 11, 2013

Warmachine Galleon

So my Galleon arrived. Dispatched from Wayland games on the 29th January, picked it up on Saturday 9th. It was a LONG two weeks to wait.

BIG Model. Couple of flash issues, but nothing overly major. Having read the PP forums for tips and tricks REALLY helped. The chain / gear pully bit connecting to the Trident are a particular nightmare if you don't do it in a specific sequence.

All the resin parts laid out ready for their bath.

The biggest gap in the resin:


What it should look like (other side):


Legs sub assembly:


Body and legs together. Body is just balanced ontop.


I got so excited about doing the rest, forgot to take more photos. I've finished assembling the whole thing. 4 major components: Left arm, Right arm, body and legs. Base coat is currently drying, so will post some more pics later in the week.

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