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WW2 Uniform Guide

After many hours of searching the net and many links saved im my favorites I thought I would share some of my findings with you. Like many I have pondered over uniform colours and what paints to use and the circle seems to be never ending and mainly down to preference and previous experiences. Again after much reading I have decided to give Vallejo paints a go having previously use both Humbrol enamels and Tamiya acrylics. The following guide will state Vallejo colours only sorry you will have to convert to other colours. I hope they are of some help, they have been to me.

Acknowledgements go to Brzeczyszczykiewicz at www.military photos.net where I found the origional post, also to www.whatfor.prv.l where the origional article is I believe, but that site is in polish.

There are other uniforms at those sites as well but I just pulled out the ones I was interested in.



Fallschirmjäger Unteroffizier (Corporal), 1944
01 - Fallschirmschützen-Stahlhelm 38 jump helmet
02 - Fallschirmschützen Bluse camouflage sweatshirt in "Splittermuster" camo, rank insignia on the sleeves, Luftwaffe eagle on the right breast
03 - M-37 trousers
04 - M-38 gas mask in a tarpaulin bag
05 - 9 mm MP-40 SMG
06 - ammo pouches for MP-40, main belt and webbing
07 - M-31 canteen in "Fliegerblau"- "aviation blue"
08 - M-31 breadbag
09 - folding shovel
10 - Ziess 6x30 binoculars
11 - boots


German captain (Hauptmann), 1940
01- M-38 officers' forage cap
02 - M-35 helmet with Heeres markings
03 - M-35 officers' jacket, white markings on the collar tabs and shoulder straps (Waffenfarbe Weiss)- infantry
04 - M-34 officers' belt
05 - Zeiss 6x30 binoculars
06 - SA sport badge
07 - compass
08 - M-35 map pouch
09 - holster for Luger P-08 pistol
10 - offciers' gloves
11 - boots
12 - watch


German cavalry sergeant major (Oberwachtmeister) 1939-40
01 - M-35 steel helmet
02 - feldgrau jacket with gold ("Waffenfarbe Goldgelb") markings of the cavalry
03 - Steingrau cavalry breeches
04 - black leather belt
05 - holster for Luger P-08 pistol
06 - leather webbing- "Koppeltraggestell"
07 - cavalry boots with spurs
08 - M-38 gas mask
09 - anti-mustard gas cloth
10 – trumpet


German corporal (Unteroffizier), 1939-1940
01 - M-35 field jacket with Unteroffizier's insignia
02 - M-35 steel helmet with Heeres markings
03 - Zeltbahn M-31 tent cloth in “Splittermuster” camo
04 - Grey ("Steingrau") trousers
05 - leather belt
06 - anti-mustard gas cloth
07 - M-38 gas mask
08 - M-24 grenade
09 - black leather ammo pouches
10 - M-31 aluminium canteen
11 - boots
12 - 7,92 mm Mauser 98k rifle
13 - Seitengewehr 84/98 bayonet
14 - wire cutting shears


Panzertruppe leutnant, 1939
01 - officers' cap with with pink band of the armored corps ("Waffenfarbe Rosa")
02 - black officers' jacket, Prussian Death Hussars' Totenkopf on the collar tabs.
03 - grey shirt
04 - armored troops' trousers
05 - officers' boots
06 - headphones
07 - laryngophone
08 - protective goggles
09 - M-34 leather belt
10 - leather holster for Luger P-08 pistol
11 - leather gloves
12 - standard grey socks
13 - M-31 Meldetasche- map pouch
14 - Zeiss 6x30 binoculars


Private, Volksgrenadier division, Italy/Greece, 1944
01 - M-40 helmet
02 - M-43 summer jacket
03 - ski trousers
04 - shirt
05 - socks
06 - boots
07 - M-41 leggins
08 - main belt
09 - ammo pouches
10 - M-38 webbing
11 - military songbook
12 - M-24 grenade
13 - face net
14 - M-38 gas mask
15 - 7,92 mm Mauser 98k rifle
16 - M-84/98 bayonet
17 - "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen"- Infantry assault badge


SS- Haupsturmfuhrer (Captain)
01 - M-38 SS officers' jacket, with SD rhombus on the left sleeve, silver chevron on the right sleeve means that the uniform owner joined NSDAP before 30.01.1933
02 - Schirmmütze officers' cap
03 - M-44 officers' trousers
04 - M-34 officers' belt
05 - Decorations:
- Iron Cross 1st Class
- ribbons: "Kriegsverdienstkreuz" (war service cross), medal for the winter campaign on the eastern front 1941/42, bronze SA sport badge
06 - Ehrendegen des Reichsführers-SS, "Reichsfuhrer's Honorary Sword"
07 - Totenkopfring der SS


SS-Reiter (Private), 8. SS-Kavallerie Division "Florian Geyer", summer 1944
01 - M-40 Feldmutze field cap
02 - M-40 helemt with SS badges
03 - Feldbluse 44- new sweatshirt, inspired by the British battle dress, cavalry markings on the shoulder straps
04 - trousers
05 - M-35 belt
06 - wool shirt
07 - M-39 webbing
08 - "Florian Geyer" division armband
09 - woollen gloves
10 - Panzerfaust 60
11 - 7,92 mm Sturmgewehr 44
12 - M-84/98 bayonet
13 - tarpaulin ammo pouches
14 - M-24 grenade
15 - Waffen SS payment book
16 - M-31 canteen
17 - M-43 leather boots
18 - leggins


Waffen SS Sturmmann (Corporal), Normandy 1944
01 - M-40 helmet with SS badges
02 - M-43 SS Feldbluse, Sturmmann's insignia on the collar tabs and left sleeve, Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon on the button
03 - trousers from the Drillichtanzug 43 uniform, in "Tupfenmuster" camo
04 - SS main belt with webbing
05 - Patronentasche für MP-Magazine, ammo pouches for MP-38/40
06 - map pouch
07 - 9 mm MP-40 SMG
08 - breadbag, canteen, Zeltbahn tent cloth
09 - boots
10 - gas mask canister


German Army WWII


Uniforms V 830 German Field Gray
Collar V970 Deep Green
Jack boots Black
Low boots V822 German Brown Black
Waders V830 Field Gray
Webbing Black
Or V822 German Brown Black
Ammo pouches Black
Or V822 German Brown Black
Or V986 Deck Tan
Haversack V986 Deck Tan
Canteen V822 German Black Brown
Or V846 Mahogany Brown
Mess Tin V967 Olive Green
Gasmask Can V922 Neutral Gray
Helmet V995 German Grey
Reed Green Uniform V920 German Uniform

Basic Uniform 1939+

Item Colour Code
Tunic German uniform 920
Trousers Neutral grey 992
Webbing Black 950
Ordinance Green Yellow Olive 892
Field cap German fieldgrey WWII 830
Helmet Olive Green 967
Tunic Collar Black green 980

Basic Uniform 1941+
Item Colour Code
Tunic German fieldgrey WWII 830
Trousers German fieldgrey WWII 830
Webbing Black 950
Ordinance Green Yellow Olive 892
Field cap German fieldgrey WWII 830
Helmet Olive Green 967
German Grey 995*
Tunic Collar German fieldgrey WWII 830

Basic Uniform 1944+
Item Colour Code
Tunic Russian Uniform 924
Trousers Russian Uniform 924
Webbing Black 950
Ordinance Green Yellow Olive 892
Field cap German fieldgrey WWII 830
Helmet Olive Green 967
German Grey 995*
Tunic Collar Russian Uniform 924
Ammo Pouches HL Grey 994



Uniform Variations 1944+
Item Colour Code
Tunic English uniform 921
Trousers English uniform 921
Webbing Yellow ochre 913
HL Grey 994
Ordinance Green Yellow ochre 913
Field cap Russian Uniform 924
Helmet Yellow ochre 913
Anklets Green 975

Tropical Uniform/Desert
Item Colour Code
Uniform Yellow ochre 913
Khaki 988
Desert Yellow 977
Webbing Mahogany brown 846
Sand Yellow 916
Ordinance Yellow Dark sand 847
Field cap Yellow ochre 913
Helmet Tan Yellow 912
Boots Red Leather 818

Panzer Crew 1939-1945
Field Cap Neutral Grey 992
Beret Black
Officer Cap German Uniform 920
Cap/Tunic/Trousers Black
Grey 994
Waffenfarbe Sunset Red 802
Belt/Boots Black
Grey 994
Shirt/Gloves Neutral Grey 992

Splinter Camo
Item Colour Code
Base Colour (pale) Pastel Green 885
Base Colour (dark) Russian Uniform 924
Base Colour (marsh) Buff 976
Brown Colour Beige Brown 875
Green Clour Luftwaffe Cam Green 823
Raindrop colour Black Green 980


Bread Bag German Grey 995
Webbing/Pouches Chocolate Brown 872
Water Bottles " "
Holsters " "

1939-1940 Plain Green
Helmet German Grey 995
Smock/Helmet Cover Green Grey 886
Trousers/Pouches Field Grey 830

Crete-1945 Splinter
Smock/Cover German Camo Beige- base 821
Luftwaffe Camo Green-camo 823
Flat Brown-camo 984
Trousers/Pouches Fieldgrey 830

N. Africa and Italy Camo
Smock/cover German Camo Beige-base 821
Luftwaffe Camo Green-camo 823
Flat Brown-camo 984
Trousers/Pouches Desert Yellow 977

Italian Camo Pattern
Olive Grey-base 888
Germ Camo Med Brown-camo 826
Sand Yellow-camo 916

Zeitbahn base V 821, geometric pattern V826, V 890
SS Collars Black/ V 896 Extra Dark Green
Haversack V886 Green Grey
V986 Deck Tan
V819 Iraqi Sand
V977 Desert Yellow
Mess Tin/ Gasmask V 995 German Grey
Helmet V 995 German Grey
Ammo Cans PS Panzer Dark Yellow
SMG Ammo Pouches V 914 Green Ochre
Map Cases " "
Map/Binoc Cases GW Dark Flesh
Geibersjager Anorak 66% V887 Brown Violet, 33% V992 Neutral Grey
M39 Grenade V975 Green
Field Flask V875 Beige Brown
V822 Brown
Cookpot V790 Silver
M38 Gasmask case V896 Dark Green
Gas Cape V975 Green
V886 Green Grey
Spade Holder V994 Grey
Scabbard Black



Camo Patterns
Splinter Base V 821 Germ Camo Beige, geometric splotch V 826 Germ Camo Med Brown, V 823; rain dashes V896
Base Color with V885 Pastel Green for lighter camo, V924 for darker camo, or V976 Buff for marsh pattern. Then add the following in the classic splinter pattern V875 Beige Brown and V823 Luft Camo Green; rain dashes V896.

Oak Leaf Base V 825 , splotch & dots V 977, add V 833 inside splotches and dots.

Base V825 German Camo Pale Brown, splotch and dot V862 Black Grey, add V850 Medium Olive inside splotches and dots.

Plane Tree Base V 833, add splotches V 826, add V 896 on top with holes and dots.

BaseV825 German Camo Pale Brown, dark spots V822 German Camo Black Brown, light spots V857 Golden Olive, dark green fields V833 Germ Camo Bright Green.

Pea Dot Base V835 Salmon Rose; V988 Khaki, V825 Germ Camo Pale Brown, V822 German Camo Black Brown, V833 German Camo Bright Green.

Base V912 Tan Yellow, then add patches of V825 German Pale Camo Brown and V835 Salmon Rose, then over that add dots of V822 German Camo Black Brown, V833 German Camo Bright Green and V 835 Salmon Rose.

Palm Base V929 Light Brown + V805 German Orange; V822 German Black Brown, V833 German Bright Green.



Lt., 82nd Airborne, Sicilly, 1943
01 - M2 helmet with camouflage net
02 - M1942 jacket
03 - M1942 trousers
04 - M1934 wool shirt
05 - boots
06 - M1936 main belt with M1916 holster for the Colt M1911 pistol
07 - M1936 webbing
08 - M1A1 carbine
09 - M2A1 gas mask
10 - M1910 folding shovel
11 - M1942 canteen
12 - M1910 bag
13 - dog tags
14 - M1918 Mk I knife
15 - M1936 backpack


US infantry, 1942-1945
01 - M1 helmet
02 - M1934 shirt
03 - M1934 sweatshirt
04 - M1941 trousers
05 - service boots
06 - M1938 leggins
07 - M1926 life belt
08 - M1937 ammo belt
09 - M1924 personal dressing
10 - M1910 canteen
11 - gas mask bag
12 - M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle with M1907 belt
13 - armband
14, 15 - obvious <img title="Smile" src="http://www.militarymodelling.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif" />
16 - shoulder badges:
A - 1st Armoured
B - 2nd Arm
C - 3rd Infantry
E - 34th Inf
F - 1st Inf


USMC private, Pacific, 1944
01 - M1 helmet with cover
02 - sweatshirt and trousers
03 - dog tags
04 - main belt with two canteens, personal dressing, ammo pouches and compass
05 - M41 backpack with blanket
06 - USMC leggins
07 - US Navy boots
08 - Mk II frag grenade
09 - 7,62 mm (.30) M1 carbine
10 - Collins knife-machette


US Vallejo Colors
Mid-war, North Africa
Helmet 887 Brown Violet
Jacket and Waders 988 Khaki
Jackets 837 Pale Sand
Pants 873 US Field Drab
Belt and Webbing 886 Green Grey
882 Middlestone
Boots 984 Mahogany Bro
818 Red Leather
HBT shirt 893 Dark Green

NW Europe, D-Day and Beyond
Helmets 887 Brown Violet
Uniform 893 US Dark Green
Mackinaw Jacket 874 US Tan Earth
Webbing 914 Green Ochre
886 Green Grey
Boots and Scarves 846 Mahogany Brown Trousers 846 Mahogany Shoecaps Black

Windjacket 988
HBT overalls 893 US Dark Green
Helmet 887 Brown Violet
Goggles 872

Uniform 80% 882 Middlestone + 20% 893 US Dark Green
Webbing 886 Green Grey
Helmet 897 Brown Violet
Jump Boots 984 Flat Brown

Airborne Midwar and DDay
Uniform 977 Yellow
Jump Boots 879 Brown
Webbing 819 Iraqi Sand
Helmet 896 Dark Green
Buckles 790 Silver
Wood 879 Brown
Scabbard 968 Green
Elbow/Knee Patches 879 Green
Spade cover 819 Iraqi Sand
Holster 879 Brown
Gas Mask Bag Black, HL 994 Grey

Glider Troops
Jacket/Leggings 988 Khaki
Trousers 973 US Field Drab
Webbing 914 Green Ochre
886 Green Grey
Helmet 887 Brown Violet
Boots 984 Flat Brown

Camo Suit
Base 821 German Camo beige
Camo 984



Sergeant, UK 1st Airborne, 1944
01 - Mk II helmet- jump version, with camouflage net
02 - Battle-dress
03 - M41 "Denison smock" jacket
04 - face camouflage net
05 - "toggle rope"
06 - boots
07 - M37 leggins
08 - M37 webbing
09 - Sten Mk V SMG with bayonet
10 - M36 grenade


British WWII Uniforms

Western Europe 1944-45
Uniform/Jacket V983 Flat Earth
V921 English Uniform*
Canadian Uniform variant V924 + V887 Mix pf Russian Uniform and Brown Violet
Anklets V912 Tan Yellow*
V819 Sand
Beret khaki V983 Flat Earth
maroon V909 Vermillion
sand V837 Pale Sand
black Black
Boots Black
V822 German Black Brown*
Webbing V986 Deck Tan
V912 Tan Yellow*
V821 German Camo Beige
V819 Sand*
Entrenching Tool V822 German Black Brown
Tea mug V822 German Black Brown
Helmet V967 Olive Green
V896 Dark Green*
Water Bottle V879 Brown
Helmet "scrim" V983 Flat Earth
Punjabi Turbans V988 Khaki
Metal Parts V801 Brass
Rank Insignia V951 White
Base V988 Khaki
Stripes V884 Stone Grey
Infantry Branch Color V817 Scarlet

BEF France 1940
Uniform V921 English Uniform
Webbing/Anklets V866 Green Grey
V988 Khaki
V924 Russian Uniform
V819 Iraqi Sand
Helmet V924 Russian Uniform
V896 Green
Water bottle V846 Mahogany Brown
V822 German Camo Black Brown
Boots/Scabbard Black, HL V944
Denim Fatigues/Tanker suit V988 Khaki
Cap Insignia V801 Brass
Ground Sheet V979 Dark Green
Wooden Parts V879 Brown
Service Color, Infantry V957 Red

North Africa
Khaki Drill Uniform V819 Iraqi Sand*
V847 Dark Sand
Battle Dress V921 British Uniform
Webbing/Pouches V884 Stone Grey*
V819 Iraqi Sand
Socks V988 Khaki
Helmets V988 Khaki
V847 Dark Sand*
V819 Iraqi Sand
Water Bottle V879 Brown
Rank Chevrons V951 White
Boots V822 German Camo Black Brown*
V994 Grey
Wooden parts V879 Brown
Buckles V801 Brass
Anti-gas Cape V896 Dark Green

Paratroops 1944+
Steel Helmet V896 Dark Green
Denison Smock V896 Dark Green
Camo V819 Iraqi Sand
V846 Brown
Webbing V819 Iraqi Sand
Uniform V921 British Uniform
Metal V801 Brass
Wood V879 Brown
Boots Black, HL V994 Grey
Ropes V951 White
Rank Insignia V951 White
Anklets V819 Iraqi Sand
Beret V946 Dark Red
Scarves V896 Dark Green



Soviet infantry, 1941
01 - Model 1940 steel helmet
02 - "Telogreika" jacket
03 - field trousers
04 - boots
05 - 7,62 mm Mosin 91/30 rifle
06 - rifle oiler
07 - Model 1930 ammo pouches
08 - personal dressing
09 - military ID
10 - synthetic leather map pouch


Soviet infantry officer, 1943
01 - model 1943 "gimnastiorka" sweatshirt, officers' version
02 - model 1935 breeches
03 - model 1935 forage cap
04 - model 1940 helmet
05 - model 1935 officers' belt and webbing
06 - holster for the Nagant 1895 revolver
07 - map pouch
08 - officers' boots


WWII Soviet Infantry

Infantry Uniform
Tunic & Breeches V924 Russian Uniform
V912 Tan Yellow
****(best)V880 Khaki Grey
Belt V822 German Black Brown
Sidecap V924 Russian Uniform
V912 Deck Tan
Officer's Visor Cap V924 Russian Uniform
V912 Deck Tan
Band Infantry V817 Scarlet
Cavalry V925 Blue
Artillery V909 Vermillion
Steel Helmet V894 Russian Green
Greatcoat V880 Khaki Grey
V921 English Uniform
Boots V822 German Black Brown
Packs, carriers, bags, capes V924 Russian Uniform
V916 Sand
V821 German Camo Beige
V912 Deck Tan
V847 Dark Sand
Cloth Webbing V881 Yellow Green
V978 Dark Yellow
Scout Camo Suit V967 Olive Green and V950 Black, or V824 Tan and V941 Brown
Winter Uniforms
Padded jackets V912 Deck Tan
V924 Russian Uniform
V888 Olive Grey
Padded Trousers V924 Russian Uniform
Sheepskin garments V916 Sand Yellow
Fake Fur Hat V992 Neutral Gray
V921 English Uniform
Compressed Felt Boots V922 Neutral Gray
Officer Fur Hat *****Brown color
Infantry Piping & Collar Tabs V817 Scarlet
Shoulder boards V871 Leather Brown

Tanker Uniform
Leather Suit Black
Helmet V924 Russian Uniform

Many other uniforms are available for reference at the sites I mentioned and are well worth a look. I hope somebody can use this information to the good

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