Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 - a new fresh start

So here we are. 15 days into 2014.
So what does 2014 hold in store? Well, one of the things I'm doing is a self imposed / "management assisted" idea of actually trying to buy very little in the Hobby area this year, and focus more on the actual painting / playing of Wargames. More thinking, less impulse buying.
I've got a stupid amount of "plastic crack" waiting to be assembled / shown the light of day etc.
So far, I've started off with a bang doing the Year Of Painting (YOP).
Towards the end of 2013, I was introduced to playing SAGA. Great rule set. As part of Christmas presents from the kids, I got the new 6 point SAGA Scots army. An acquaintance of mine was selling off his rule book and Scots dice, which I bought in November, so that definitely influenced the choice of starter army. :)
I've also got a box of Warlord's Viking Hirdmen, so plan on making a Viking SAGA army sometime this year as well.
The Scots are all done and painted - I even strung the bows, thanks for holiday break. I'm post photos of the SAGA Scots when I get time to take some nice ones.
Next on the assembly / production line is my Bolt Action Airborne force. After a frenzy of new / second hand purchases (see my Birthday present post from 2013), I've got 120 figures to paint. 17 are done so far......

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