Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Birthday presents arrived!

Happy Birthday, to me. Happy Birthday, to me.

etc etc.

What I ordered for myself:
2 boxes Red Devils (19 dudes per box)
British Para 3" mortar
British Para Close Quarter fighters, and Flamethrower
British Para 6 pounder AT gun
British Para 75mm Howitzer
2 blisters of British Para squad (10 per blister)
Sherman Firefly (yes, I know technically they didn't have them, but it's a FIREFLY). Jayne would be proud.
3 4Ground buildings - 2 end damaged ones, 1 damaged mid-terrace.

And with that, it all goes into the cupboard until end November. I have too many exams / work IT courses coming up to do these justice, so will have to wait until the end of the year / later in the year.

Still to come to round off the force are some Universal Carriers. 6 to be exact.

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