Tuesday, November 5, 2013


So, after a fair amount of time procrastinating about this game, a friend of mine bought a starter set and some other goodies when he was in Europe.
Suffice to say, that was the catalyst to start the collection.
It started with an order from US, with Starter Set, Slave 1, and YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon).
Then it was another starter set locally (too damn impatient to wait).
Then a LARGE (for me, anyway), order was placed:
Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack
TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack
A-Wing Expansion Pack
TIE Bomber Expansion Pack
B-Wing Expansion Pack
HWK-290 Expansion Pack
After playing a number of games, it's an absolute BLAST! So much fun. More to follow, including some pics.....

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